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Frequently Asked Questions

What other services do you provide ?

We have everything from A - Z with many sources and vendors that partner with us such as lighting, photo booths, singers, impersonators, decor, curtains, backdrops, dance floors, stages, entertainers, linens, etc.


How do we book a DJ or other services for our event ?

Simply e-mail us at or call/text us anytime at 702-267-7660. We will check availability, discuss your event and quote your event on the spot. We will send you a contract to lock in your date and time.


What type of payment do you accept ?

We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.


Is there a minimum of hours ?

No. We have done events as little as 1 hour up to 8 hours. We customize pricing based on time as well as services.


What types of events do you do ?

All types: Weddings large and small, indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, company picnics, holiday parties, anniversaries, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs and more. We have many years of experience with all types of events.


Do you DJ Spanish events or other ethnic events ?

Yes, we have done Persian, Indian, Filipino, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and many other ethnic weddings and events.


What kind of equipment do you have ?

All of our equipment is top of the line. We have equipment that fits the venue and the event. Larger systems available for large halls, outdoor events and/or parties with more than 300 people. We are prepared and ready for any venue.

Our preferences are Shure and Sennheiser microphones and Crown Amplifiers and JBL SRX series speakers.


Will the DJ be too loud or not loud enough ?

DJs with huge cabinets and sub woofers can be disruptive and are probably overcompensating. Although nice, we offer a traditional DJ service; conscientious of the elderly, people’s comfort……and people’s hearing. Your reception will be a rare occasion for family and friends to be together and we want to be sure they can carry on a conversation and enjoy being together. We have never had a complaint that the music was “not loud enough" or "to loud".


How many songs do you have in your library ?

Almost 200,000, but you’ll never hear that many at a 4 -5 hour party. The key is preparation; simply tell us beforehand what you would like and we’ll have it, even if we have to buy it. We use laptop computers exclusively with wireless internet and can take requests on the spot. If we don’t have it we will buy it the night of the event at no cost to you.


Are you a Full-Time DJ ?

Yes we dedicate our full attention to this business and reinvest regulary. We are also Licensed and Insured in the

State of Nevada.  


Should we meet in person ?

We enjoy meeting face to face so we can get a real feel for your wants and needs for your event. We can prepare everything beforehand via phone and e-mail but meeting in person adds that personal touch.


What is your attire ?

For weddings we always wear suits, otherwise dress shirt and slacks. Dress shirt and shorts for outdoor birthday parties, etc. When asked, we have worn other attire including tuxedos, Hawaiian shirts and other “themed” outfits when requested.


You Play Our CDs or Music on a Thumb Drive ?

Yes. Bring whatever you like and we will play your song selections. Although we are uncomfortable playing songs with vulgarity, we know this style of music is popular. If hired by you for a “private event” we will play whatever you ask us to. Our recommendation is to consider young children and older guests when requesting these forms of music and keep “Club Music” and “Wedding Music” separate. We support the First Amendment, but reinforce class and good taste for our events.


Group Dances ?

We have all the popular group dances on file: Cupid Shuffle, Cha-Cha Slide, Macarena, Electric Slide, Y.M.C.A, The Wobble, etc.

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