We can customize a program of games with our DJ services for

Company picnics, Corporate challenges, Family picnics & kids parties.

We have games for all ages.

- We provide all games and props.

- We have about 30 games

- We offer gold medals to the winners.

- We keep the energy high and the games exciting

- We give away cash prizes for extra accomplishments during the games.

Below are just a few pictures from our actual events.

Click on Images below for full view


Walla Balla
super fun game
Hula hoops contest
Contestants have to go as long as they can. Finalists have to try 5 - 10 hoops.
Tug a war x 10
We use this125 foot rope for our corporate challenges. Huge hit.
The music plays while we find the
Limbo champion.
Dodge ball
Nerf style balls keep this game safe.
complete organization keeps the
game running smooth.
Frozen T shirt contest
Folded & frozen Tshirts.
First group to put one on wins. Huge Hit.
Donut eating contest
Donuts are hung by string, 1st one to eat the most in 2 min. Wins
Water Balloon Toss
Our most popular with all ages. high quality balloons make it last.
Balloon toss
Never to young or old to play water balloon toss
Sunglass contest
30 seconds to wear as many
glasses as you can.
Shapes in block game
Putting shapes in a box
never seemed hard
till now.
Simon says
Classic simon says
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